Open Call for performance submissions

Performance Friday 6th & Saturday 7th of April @ Dance Limerick 2018.

The Autonomy project seeks proposals from performing artists of all disciplines for 10-15 minute pieces exploring the concept of autonomy to be performed in the Limerick FRiNGE festival as part of a multi-genre performance. The chosen works will be performed in a programme containing the work of several Limerick based youth groups, therefore the content must be youth friendly. Deadline for submissions: February the 6th at 5pm

About the project:

The Autonomy project focuses on a global resurgence in art and youth activism. This is an artist focused programme by the Limerick Culture and Arts Office, commissioning the work of internationally recognised practitioners, Limerick based youth groups and academics to discuss the concept of Autonomy from multiple angles

What is the relationship between the individual and society? The Autonomy Project questions the ways in which we can retain and express a sense of individual autonomy in the face of political movements and societal forces. Focusing on issues of tolerance and action through art, The Autonomy project has a powerful youth focus and connects young performers with professional artists, commissioning them to work together to question their Autonomy.

This commission is part of a wider project that includes an installation performance in the Sailors Home and an Academic symposium in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in the University of Limerick.

Potential directions and topics:

– Art and Society
– Values
– Bodily Autonomy
– Self-Governance
– The role of art in society
– Utopian worlds and perfect political systems
– Values and choice
– Highlighting areas of innate injustice and inertia.
– Ideas of freedom


Proposals may be existing works, works in development or new works. Performances will have a fee of €500 in total for the three 10-minute performances (Performance Friday 8pm, Saturday Matinee and evening performance, 3pm & 8pm). Travel and accommodation will be provided for successful applicants and technical requirements of sound and lighting are also covered by the project. Any set, costume or extra’s to be provided by the performers/creators at their own expense.

What makes a good Autonomy Project open call proposal?

Strong proposals will match The Autonomy Project’s three core aims to Connect, Participate, and Surprise. Some tips for strong proposals:

  • We love works that challenge and invite the audience to discuss.
  • Defying categories is good but being singular in your artistic endeavour will also be celebrated!
  • A true connection to the theme is a must — avoid shoehorning an unrelated work.
  • Collaborations are great! Are you an opera singer working with a cellist? Maybe you’re a comic book illustrator artist thinking of submitting a proposal with a dancer? Bring it on, to invite as many perspectives as possible!

What’s needed:

  • Covering letter
  • Up to date CV (Max 3 pages)
  • Examples of previous work
  • Video of proposed work if available (either in progress or finished work)
  • Outline of the piece in 200 words.
  • Any travel requirements with costings
  1. Covering letter – Outlining reasons for interest in the Autonomy Project.
  2. CV – provide an up-to-date CV, (education, exhibitions/performances/publications, commissions, awards) maximum 3 pages
  3. Documentation may include up to 6 examples of existing work and reviews to be submitted electronically.
  4. Outline of proposed work. 200 words describing the work and at what stage of development the piece is at. We will accept existing works that have a genuine connection to the theme or works in progress. New works, will also be considered.

Accepted file formats:

  • Image files – JPG
  • Sound files – MP3, or uploaded via hyperlink, through SoundCloud
  • Video files – to be uploaded via hyperlink, through YouTube or Vimeo
  • Adobe Reader files – PDF
  • Identify the title of the work and date
  • Any image taken of the performance may be used in subsequent promotional material.

Email your application to

Curatorial Panel:

Submissions will be assessed by a curatorial selection panel:

  • Dr. Pippa Little (Limerick Culture and Arts Office)
  • Lisa McLoughlin (Lead Artist)
  • Boris Hunka (Music Generation Limerick City)
  • Simon Thompson (Limerick Fringe)

The Autonomy Project is a new initiative, funded by an Arts Council Invitation to Collaboration Award. It focuses on a global resurgence in art and youth activism, providing a platform to explore how we can express individual autonomy in our society.