Limerick Youth Dance

Rachel Sheil – Dance Facilitator for The Autonomy Project:

“I was granted the absolute privilege of being the dance facilitator for The Autonomy Project funded by Arts Council Ireland and the brain-child of Lisa McLoughlin

My job is to help these four wonderful teenage dancers learn about autonomy i.e. the freedom to act independently as of one’s will and choice, and support them in creating something around that topic.

Here are some photos of them drawing their  ‘dance life story’ and sharing it with each other. I am completely in love with these dancers. They are sometimes shy, quiet and nervous to share but step by step they become stronger in their voices.

Already we’ve discussed feeling lonely, needing connection, wanting to make new friends and socialise more, facing our fears, trying new things… if this has taught me anything it’s that: no matter what age we are, we all crave the same basic things for our lives.

I am so excited to continue this process and learn from these strong little humans some more. Come watch their performance Limerick Fringe on the 6th & 7th April in Dance Limerick I guarantee it will be heartwarming and important.

If anyone dares to say in my presence that the arts aren’t necessary, I will show them all of the people in my life that the arts have changed for the better… including myself. Remember, you are who you choose to be.”

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