Dance Limerick

Funded by the Arts Council and Limerick City Council, Dance Limerick is a support and development organisation. Through a combination of performance platforms, residency opportunities, master classes, talks and lectures, Dance Limerick advocates for artistic dialogue and exchange. In collaboration with dance artists across a range of practices, Dance Limerick promotes the creation of new and innovative work and devises programmes of access, engagement and participation for the wider public.

Rachel Sheil will choreograph an original work as part of the Autonomy Project under the umbrella of Dance Limerick. Rachel has most recently graduated with a first class honours in Contemporary Dance Performance from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. Her Contemporary dance work focuses mainly on deriving movement from Japanese anime, western animation and video games. Rachel is hugely inspired by the hyper-real and is discovering how she can bring that into a dance-context. She has also begun collaborating with visual artists who specialise in sets and illustration to enhance her dance work. 

As well as this, Rachel is trained in Hip-Hop with a specific interest in social dances. She also works in the commercial world of K-Pop and creates a lot of choreography based around this genre. 

Rachel has started a YouTube channel and brand called rikilikemagic aimed to inspire freedom of expression, joy and self-confidence in others. She does this by teaching, choreographing and performing as well as making dance on video and personal journey vlogs.

Finally, Rachel teaches Hip-Hop throughout the Limerick and Nenagh area and has previously taught all over Dublin. She is deeply passionate about instilling confidence in her students through social dance so that they can become more comfortable in their skin.