Siobhan Kavanagh

Siobhan Kavanagh is a vocal artist specializing in singing, composition and live performance collaborating with bands, visual artists, dancers and circus performers. Through these collaborations, Siobhan explores all genres such as Opera, Electronics, Dub/Reggae, Irish Traditional, Circus and vocal techniques reacting to the themes presented while experimenting with performance and musical composition. Starting out singing with jazz bands from a young age, Siobhan continued to sing and write with bands touring all over Ireland from the age of twenty sharing stages with James Brown and Thin Lizzy at the Olympia, from there headline gigs at Irelands main festivals and venues. Siobhan’s collaborations with visual artists has presented opportunities to perform her musical arrangements for art audiences including performances at the Project Arts Centre and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Siobhan has worked extensively with circus performers writing music based on their characters for performances at Meeting House Square, Westport Arts Festival and the Tall Ships Festival. Siobhan is constantly writing, researching and working towards the next performance. Her up and coming collaboration of April 2018 with artist Adam Gibney as part of the project ‘Autonomy’ is set to be the most experimental performance to date.

A note on Autonomy:

Autonomy is the ideal of the artist yet to be autonomous, artists require a circle of communication and dependency. Autonomy requires a community and support networks which function on a level of exchange and creative endeavor. Siobhan Kavanagh and Adam Gibney propose that the autonomy they require depends on the technological dependency. The sound artist and the performer.

This project combines two worlds of music and technology creation told through a breathy tale of fiction and ritual. Can we imagine a world in which technology and nature exist as one? Presented within an algorithmic environment, this performance proposes a singular examination of frequencies of past and future.